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Registration now open for the first edition of the Flow School-Fencing Stage

Associazione Sportiva Udinese- ASU organizes the first edition of the Flow School-Fencing Stage

Thursday 28, Friday 29, Saturday 30 March 2024 

At the PalaPrexta, headquarters of the Udinese Sports Association, on Via Lodi, 1, in Udine, Italy.

Fencing masters will be present for the occasion:
› Roberto Piraino
› Federico Meriggi
› Francesco Campagna
› Fritz Gutierrez

The Flow School-Fencing Stage is aimed at fencers from the first blades (from the year 2010 to 2013) to masters (+14 years old).

The complementary subjects, on the other hand, are also aimed at gymnasts who may be interested in learning more about two subjects that are also of certain utility in their sporting activities

The fencing internship will focus on the study of Flow training. There will be interdisciplinary training with sports psychology (heart math method) by Dr. Francesca Ciasullo, ropeflow and human flow movement by Fabio Nube of Ropeflow Italia. The internship is designed for fencers but also suitable for foilists and, for complementary subjects only, also for gymnasts. 

Several packages are offered (individual programs are available below)
› all inclusive › at a total cost of €250. 
This is the full 3-day internship that includes: 
single sword lessons
epee training
athletic preparation
sports psychology-Hearth Math 
overnight full board (at the Alle Crosere Hotel)

› full › at a total cost of €130
This is the 3-day internship that includes: 
single sword lessons
epee training
athletic preparation
sports psychology-Hearth Math
Excluding overnight stay (thus intended for athletes living in the area). Price includes lunch ONLY

› One day60€. 
This is the 1-day only internship of your choice (schedule is below).
Lunch is included in the package

› Only complementary subjects of your choice from: 
1st day only (one subject only) ›  10€ 
1st day only (both subjects) 20€ 
3-day package (one subject only) 25€
3-day package (both subjects) 50€


Registration and deposit (payment to be made by bank transfer) must be received no later than March 10, 2024. 

Registration will be considered valid only when an email containing everything listed below is sent to the email

> registration form (downloadable here) completed in all its parts;

> receipt of transfer of the deposit, which must be equal to what is indicated on the registration form;

> copy of the FIS – Italian Fencing Federation membership card (or foreign federations’ homologues);

> valid competitive medical certificate.

NB: Should any of the required documents be missing in the email submission, the entry will NOT be considered valid. 

All registration requests arriving after the peremptory deadline of March 10, 2024, will NOT be considered valid

The balance to finalize registration must be received no later than March 24, 2024. Failure to pay the balance will automatically CANCEL the registration.

Also be advised that there is NO refund of deposit in case of non-attendance.

For classes with younger athletes (up to age 13) will focus on working with RopeFlow techniques that aim to improve their coordination and balance in a fun and challenging way. Also planned will be an analysis of incorrect resting postures and the suggestion of new functional positions to assume in everyday life. 

For classes with older athletes (ages 14 and up), through the use of specific ropes, RopeFlow will be exhibited to develop coordination, ambidextrousness, stability and mobility. This will help improve agility, posture, physical well-being and peace of mind. There will also be room for breath and natural movement education.

The HeartMath method was developed by the research and development center of the same name located in California. It is a targeted approach to managing emotions, anxiety and stress through specific training focused on the heart and its involvement in emotional regulation. The goal is the creation of new patterns of response to stressful stimuli. The goal is to train to the condition of “optimal performance” by creating deep awareness and functional ways of responding to stimuli.

Download the registration form HERE
Download the event poster HERE
Download the printable version of the program HERE